"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born." Anais Nin

Monday, April 20, 2015

A Few of the Things

Good Monday Morning :)

I'm waiting for a class at our local nursery, Richbar Golf and Gardens. They have all kinds of seminars, but the one I'm signed up for is a Fairy Garden--I've already been out there to pick up a couple of cute fairy things :)

I re-did the one vase and still want to add a couple of things that I'll make when I get the clay.

I made the little lantern and added it to a piece of wood--glued the fairy and mushroom on as well.   The little hedgehog on a leaf is new--from the great selection at the Nursery.

If you need inspiration for building and making things for your own fairy garden, check out my Pinterest link on the sidebar :)  
I have a new board on my Pinterest page called Outlander-for the books and show and another board where I'm adding most of my Scotland photos.  

I used the last of my clay for the mushrooms below. 

After baking, I added ink and clear spray. 

New additions to things on their way to the shop :) 
Hello Dolly is from a pattern in an old Crafts Plus Magazine.  

Also a seat belt pillow--I'm in the process of making a couple of different styles of these handy dandy items!  The cover comes off and everything is washable.  The stuffing is batting--not that horrible foam stuff that flies Everywhere :)   The velcro wraps around the seat belt to hold in place and I made a pocket to hold any little gadgets. 

Hope your are all having a crafty day.    


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Lovely but frosty Tuesday

Good morning bloggers :) It's a tea-Tuesday for some of you but I started the morning with hot lemon water and now having a cup of coffee with flavoured cream.  Not sure how that came about, I used to like my tea and coffee without anything in it!

Winter seems to turn me into a fibre and fabric crafter and not so much the paper crafter!  Here are a few of the things I've been doing.  If you would like to see more please visit my paper crafter page---you'll find the link on the sidebar :)   

The set of three crocheted baskets--the smallest one is a free pattern from The Slanted Life blog and the other two are my own design.   

The three toques below are pure wool.  These three aren't lined but I did make two others at Christmas, with lining.  I put the word out on our buy and sell face book page for White Buffalo yarn and was given and bought a bunch, so was busy all winter knitting!   

This doll--she's about 18"-- started years ago, just got finished.  There is a smaller version that was also started---I hope to have her done soon!     

A fleece jacket that I added lining to, except the hood.  I also added zippers to the two lower pockets and cuffs to the sleeves.

It's definitely Spring here.  The grass is green and the daffodils and tulips are up, but the trees are just getting buds. I'm hoping to get gardening soon.  This year I'm adding a little fairy garden and will be adding one indoors as well.  I'll be sure to add photos--hopefully in May :)   

Have a wonderful week :)
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Monday, November 3, 2014

Tea on Tuesday

Well, I've been away again and had a WONDERFUL time with my family :) we went to Disneyland! My first time being there :)  we walked a lot, ate a lot, bought some Disney stuff and came back wanting to go again!

Below, my Daughter and I with two Grandkids. 

Below, one of the rides I couldn't go on :) but they all did---the seven people in the front---you can barely see my Daughter behind her brother  :)  

 I finished the knitting I was working on--good thing, snow will be here soon :)
there was enough yarn to make an infinity scarf.

I'm joining you, not with tea today but, hot chocolate with marshmallows  :) 

Whatever you choose to sip on, you're welcome to join us :)  check out the group at Elizabeth's here: http://alteredbooklover.blogspot.ca/       

Monday, October 13, 2014

Happy T Tuesday

Just finishing up a long weekend here for our Canadian Thanksgiving :)  I have lots to be thankful for --- my Family and Friends, my life :) and health.  And.....if I don't eat any more pie till Christmas I may stay ok!

I've been working on knitting some fingerless gloves for my DIL, she picked the yarn and I'm knitting.....with a little help....

I made a pair of white ones last year with finer yarn so had to adjust the needle size this time, for the chunky yarn--seems to be working out just fine.  
The pattern is from 'Inspiring Ideas For Everyday Living' February 2013.

This rainy day, it's green tea for me :)

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Coffee Tuesday

Good morning to the travelling cups group or Tea Tuesday group :)

Up early this morning having coffee and watching the news.  I don't watch tv during the day but I do like to start out with a bit of news and this is usually the time for coffee :)

I've been busy getting some Christmas cards done and here is one I tried with the faux bleach technique.  I did try a few images but the flourish type worked best for me.  You stamp with versa mark on glossy paper, cover with embossing powder and heat.  Cover the whole piece with alcohol inks--I used three, then put a piece of regular white card stock over this and iron it. This transfers/removes the embossing powder and gives you the mirror image on the plain card stock--it looks a bit like a water colour image.

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Lemon T Day

Good Tuesday Morning Everyone :) I would like to Thank You all for coming to comment at by blog! I don't always get a chance to reply :)

Today I'm having hot Lemon water.  A refreshing thing to have and apparently healthy too, according to a nice lady on the Marilyn Denis show  :)  I've been watching a few of her shows and quite like them.   I use real lemons as often as I can, using my trusty lemon/lime squeezer.  I try to divide the lemon into about four sections--not because I'm thrifty, but because I don't like it too tart :)

My lemon squeezer was part of a Christmas gift last year and it makes squeezing so easy and you get the most out of your lemon or lime.

This is what I've worked on the past couple of weeks :) among other things too, of course. 
I'm a huge Diana Gabaldon's Outlander fan! I've read the first book, my personal favourite, eight times! And I'm loving the show on TV.

There's a link to my Paper Crafting facebook page if you'd like to check out what I play around at :)

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fall is Such a Pretty Time

Happy Fall  :)  my favourite season, and it's still warm enough to have tea outside. And if you look really close...you'll see my purple thermos cup on the picnic table :)  My Brother was up hunting and we decided to pay him a visit to his camping site.

We drove for a couple of hours over an old road......

.....that I haven't traveled in over thirty years and it's just as beautiful as ever....

...to beautiful Stony Lake, B.C. 

 On the way home we stopped for a burger at the little cafe at Cinema--20 miles north of Quesnel.  Wonderful people and the best food ever!  I'll get a photo next time I'm there!  
We bought a huge homemade pie to have dessert at home  :) 

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by :)

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Off again, On again

I've been unable to post to my blog and all of a sudden ...... I got back into it! Colour me happy :)

Just thought I'd share my soup with you :) 

Curry, coconut, chicken soup topped with ricotta cheese (out of sour cream) and a chunk of rustic Italian baguette on the side.  I saute the chicken, add two cups of broth, a can of coconut milk (light), chives, cilantro, some grated lime, a good sprinkling of curry and a little salt and pepper.   A warm and spicy supper for a cool Autumn day.

Thanks for stopping by,  have a great weekend.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

T Stands for Tuesday

I've missed a few tea postings, but I'm here today and hopefully will catch up on all the news :)

The Summer is slipping away....there was a most gorgeous moon last weekend!  We've had some beautiful warm, sunny days but also a lot of fires here in beautiful B.C.  The sun was red many days and the smoke was heavy, luckily we had a couple of days of rain about two weeks ago to help out! 

My Daughter gave me a couple of lovely glass vases and I decided they would make nice little, indoor, fairy homes.

 This second one has little bubbles in the glass that is quite pretty.
The little air plants in both vases are good so far--I mist them about once a week. I bought the rocks and we gathered some moss, my Grandson did most of the arranging  :)

My tea this week is Moroccan-style mint for the Kuerig.  I've taken a liking to this fresh minty tea :)
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