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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tea on Tuesday

This rainy Tuesday, I'm enjoying a cup of regular tea and catching up with some crocheting. When all the squares are joined, I want to crochet a few rows of black around the entire piece.

I started this one a long time ago :) just been adding left-over colours as I make other things.
Thanks to all of you who have come and made comments on my blog :)

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  1. Your granny square afghan is beautiful. I love the bright colors with the black borders. It will be stunning when it's completed :)

    The rain hasn't hit us just yet .... Still enjoying foggy mornings and sunny afternoons. Not for long though is what I gather ....

    Happy Tuesday and cheers! Kimmie

  2. your afghan will be finished in no time ... always fun to finish up projects no matter how long they've been sitting/waiting ... great colors!

    sounds like perfect tea drinking weather out your way!
    Enjoy * Enjoy!