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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Two Pretty Cards and a Pepper

Well, there is nothing in common about these two items, but I just had to show you a pepper that I cut into :)

Isn't that amazing? There are actually two baby peppers growing inside! I have put this in water to see if they continue to grow, but I don't think they will--I cut into the biggest of the two babies when I sliced the pepper.

Anyway, on to the cards I made! All paper is SU!, flowers and flat, sticky pearls are Prima, lacy trims are from my stash--bought from Creative Accents in Williams Lake.

Very easy card to make and the scalloped edges give a really pretty effect. Great card for using up scraps!

***I made a card last Christmas with this design and got the idea from Whif of Joy.

Thanks for stopping by, come again :)


  1. Ohhh these are beautiful Nancy !!May have to "steal" this idea !! :)

  2. Oh and forgot.....what do you use as fertilizer for those peppers???? Hahaaaa that's different I must say !!

  3. Lovely cards and a neat idea for using up the scraps will be giving it a try soon.. Neat looking pepper you will have to keep us posted if it does start to grown.. Take Care

  4. Love those scallops! That pic of the pepper is great!

  5. It looks like a little mushroom inside of there :)
    Your cards are so pretty :)

  6. oh wow how amazing that pepper is with the ones growing inside...three for the price of one its a shame all peppers arent that good...fabulously designed cards I love the design
    Mina xxx