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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Using It Up!

My yarn that is :) I have had this yarn for at least 5 years.  Started an afghan, didn't like it, so tucked it away.

Well this week it's out of the closet and turning into a different afghan--I kind of like this simple pattern.  I can sit and watch TV and get something done!! 

I think sometimes if I never bought any craft stuff for a year, I could keep busy with what I have :)
What are you hiding in your closet that could come out and be made use of?

Have a great day and start, finish or dream of what you could make out of what you have on hand  :)


  1. So true about crafting for a year with what's in the stash... problem is, though, that every project I might dream up always seems to take just a 'little' something more to make it just right. At least you're starting the year off right, and I tip my hat to that!

  2. Right there with you .. I have several closets with stuff in.. would keep me busy for many days.. should go look at the wool and see what I have.. take care