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Friday, May 23, 2014

Shabby Chic Photo Book

I just love making these shabby chic books and things using fabric and lace!  I use my glue gun and sometimes a little stitch or two.  This particular book is approximately 6" by 6" (closed).  I've used a combination of old and new materials.

The front: you can't really see but there is a piece of lace with velvet, moss coloured, ribbon down the spine; there's an elastic/organza closure that comes from the back forward, over the button; the crochet flowers on the front are made by me.     

Below:  The lace on top and bottom form pockets and can be used to hold your photos in place. 
The pages of this book are made from lovely, old, table napkins that I picked up at the Lions' garage sale the other weekend :)    

Below:  I cut a doily in half and glued it over these center pages, thus creating a pocket on each side. I glued some pearls and 'leaf' ribbon onto the doily.

In the photo below, the wide lace can hold more photos :)
This gorgeous lace was on a long table runner and I bought it specifically to cut the lace off for my projects. It was $15 and I have almost 12 yards of 4" awesomeness! 

The back has the same button as the front.  The elastic/organza ribbon is glued on to this side.  The pretty lace that is at the top and bottom is from Walmart and I think I may have to buy some more.  

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  1. oooo what a thing of beauty you have created Nancy!
    Lovely to see and hear what all went into your gorgeous book...
    local arts friends and I were just saying the other day how much we like that leaf ribbon...it is so versatile and fun that it comes in various colors too...green is my fav!
    Happy Weekend to you

  2. Thanks Patty :) yes, I love the leaf ribbon--have it brown and green :) thought it would be great in crazy quilting but have yet to try that!

  3. Such a gorgeous book.
    The front is stunning.