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Monday, October 13, 2014

Happy T Tuesday

Just finishing up a long weekend here for our Canadian Thanksgiving :)  I have lots to be thankful for --- my Family and Friends, my life :) and health.  And.....if I don't eat any more pie till Christmas I may stay ok!

I've been working on knitting some fingerless gloves for my DIL, she picked the yarn and I'm knitting.....with a little help....

I made a pair of white ones last year with finer yarn so had to adjust the needle size this time, for the chunky yarn--seems to be working out just fine.  
The pattern is from 'Inspiring Ideas For Everyday Living' February 2013.

This rainy day, it's green tea for me :)

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow (Tuesday). And please have one piece of pie on me!

    It looks like your autumn decorations are ready to welcome anyone who visits. They really put me in the mood.

    Those pink gloves are going to be show stoppers when they are finished. That is in-your-face pink and I like it.

    Thanks for sharing T (and your helper) with us this week. Again, Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. love the color of the mitts! hope she doesn't need them too soon!.
    Enjoy your T day!

  3. a very happy Thanksgiving to you!@ I do admire someone that can knit like this. It's been rainy, damp and drizzly here too-perfect for hot tea. Happy T day!

  4. Happy, happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!
    Love the pink fingerless gloves to be!

    I'm ready to celebrate Thanksgiving, here, or maybe I'm just ready for pumpkin pie....LOL
    Happy T-day

  5. What a wonderful Thanksgiving in pink!
    Happy post this!
    Happy T-Day to you!

  6. Love those gloves, is the pattern online? Would love to make one for when we go bike riding
    Bridget #2

  7. Hope your Thanksgiving was extra special (sounds fun and there is indeed so much to be thankful for!)
    Really precious kitty kat photo with your yarn!
    Wishing you a Happy T Day dear Nancy...

  8. Happy Thanksgiving! Too cute picture of kitty eyeing the balls of yarn!
    Happy T Day!

  9. I need to find some one to knit me some of those. :) Hugs! deb

  10. Oh, what pretty kitty torture--LOL!
    Happy T-Day! :)

  11. Happy Thanksgiving! That Fall decoration behind your cup is lovely :)

  12. oh happy thanksgiving! That pattern looks great! And I love how your kitty's its eyes on those yarn.
    Happy T-Day!

  13. Beautiful photos ! Love the color of that yarn ♥ I crochet... I have tried knitting but it goes to slowly for me ... I can crochet at warp speed LOL!

  14. oh wow. I love that hot pink yarn! have always wondered if fingerless gloves actually keep your whole hand warm?! perhaps you will show us the finished product? your 'helper' made me smile...♥