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Monday, April 20, 2015

A Few of the Things

Good Monday Morning :)

I'm waiting for a class at our local nursery, Richbar Golf and Gardens. They have all kinds of seminars, but the one I'm signed up for is a Fairy Garden--I've already been out there to pick up a couple of cute fairy things :)

I re-did the one vase and still want to add a couple of things that I'll make when I get the clay.

I made the little lantern and added it to a piece of wood--glued the fairy and mushroom on as well.   The little hedgehog on a leaf is new--from the great selection at the Nursery.

If you need inspiration for building and making things for your own fairy garden, check out my Pinterest link on the sidebar :)  
I have a new board on my Pinterest page called Outlander-for the books and show and another board where I'm adding most of my Scotland photos.  

I used the last of my clay for the mushrooms below. 

After baking, I added ink and clear spray. 

New additions to things on their way to the shop :) 
Hello Dolly is from a pattern in an old Crafts Plus Magazine.  

Also a seat belt pillow--I'm in the process of making a couple of different styles of these handy dandy items!  The cover comes off and everything is washable.  The stuffing is batting--not that horrible foam stuff that flies Everywhere :)   The velcro wraps around the seat belt to hold in place and I made a pocket to hold any little gadgets. 

Hope your are all having a crafty day.    


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  1. Oh your fairie garden is so lovely and making your own adornments is extra special.
    We finally can watch Outlander and got caught up and couldn't wait for the new season to begin this month. Oh MY! what a wonderfully done show...everything about it is magical.
    Hope you're having a nice Spring Nancy.
    Happy April.