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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Flowers Everywhere

Last weekend I took the bus to Edmonton--about 14 hours drive--and on the way, I crocheted flowers for the stamping/scrapping group I was meeting. Well, these little guys are kind of addicting to make, so I did some on the way back and last week made a few more.

Although my original plan was to use them on cards or in scrapbooking, the little flowers can be put on anything you like. They look especially pretty with silk or netting behind them and a few beads here and there.

I also did some scrunchies on hair elastics.


  1. Hi Nancy! Do you have pattern you could share for these? I'd love to see it or have a link .... these are so sweet and could be used so many ways!

  2. Kim, this is what I sent to Diane. I mostly make them up myself :)

    I used a 1.75 crochet hook--but you can experiment :)

    --chain 4 and join with a slip stitch to form a circle
    --chain 5 or 6 and slip stitch into that circle
    --do this 4 more times, giving you 5 loops.
    --into each of these loops, 1 single crochet, 1 half double crochet, 3 double crochet,1 half double crochet, 1 single crochet.
    --after doing this in all 5 loops, join with a slip stitch to first single crochet.

    This gives you a very small flower and you could use it like that. However, I do another layer behind these petals to make it larger.

    --after joining with the slip stitch, chain 3 and join--in the back--with a slip stitch on other side of petal, making a loop. Go around 'in the back of the petals' until you have made 5 loops.
    --in each of these loops do the same as you did with the first part BUT, where you do the 3 double crochet, make the one in the middle a treble {double, treble, double}.

    Now, quite often I'll make 5 dbl crochet, instead of the 3--if I feel it needs to be fuller and maybe put a treble or two in the middle of the 5 dbl crochet.....

    Is this clear as mud :) I hope you try it, it is easier when you actually do it.

    I started adding a picot to the tips of the petals too. There is no end to the changes you can do. By the way, I found a book with the pansy pattern, but I haven't tried it yet.

    Also, with the star shaped ones, you just add a picot to the top.

  3. I Love crochet and I see directions for your lovely flowers :) Thank you so much Nancy!!!