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Friday, May 1, 2009

Flowering Tea Ball

My Daughter-in-law's wonderful Mother gave me a flowering tea ball. My amazing little blooming ball was called Lily Basket.

It took 15 minutes to fully open and itsn't quite as pretty as the picture on the bag it came in, however, it did look awesome opening up and it stood a good inch above the water.

I do not have the clear teapot or cup you can buy with these little balls, but never the less, I strained it and enjoyed a lovely fragrant cup of tea :) and apparently you can use these again, so I will let you know how many cups I get from this different little gem.

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  1. I've wondered what these are all about :)

    Why don't you join me for Tea on Tuesday next week with another cuppa? Just leave a comment on my Tuesday Tea Party post next Tuesday and we'll link you up with some blogging tea drinking friends :)