"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born." Anais Nin

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Today we have sunshine and I get to enjoy it with my tea :)

This is a lovely tea given to me by my dear friend Diane aka Cameldiva. It has a pleasant, light, flavour. Very nice, wish you were here Diane to share a cuppa :)

Here is my pincushion, but the 'doily' part is not sewn onto the pink satin. I am not pleased with the way the crocheted part is up off the table. So, I'm going to make another cushion or maybe I can just remove some stuffing. I want the tips of the doily to rest on the table.

I tried lilac and pink satin and chose pink because it just seemed to look better for this one. There are little pearls all around on three of the rows, I hope you can see them.

You can find other tea drinkers at Kimmies place, http://wordsonpaperscraps.blogspot.com/


  1. What a gorgeous pin cushion Nancy! I think it turned out beautifully, the tiny pearls are a lovely touch and the white and pink are perfect!
    Your tea sure looks exotic and fun!

  2. Hello Nancy...nice to meet you over tea. Your tea packet looks very interesting!
    Lovely, neat crochet work...

  3. Gorgeous pincushion - I like how it floats off the table actually.
    CamelDiva has really great tea taste I think :)
    Happy Tuesday!

  4. I think the pin cushion is wonderful- we are all so critical of our own work, I think!!!
    How is Diane? I have missed reading Cameldiva - I think she is on my other blog's list - will have to look her up!!!

  5. Hey Nancy!
    I am having virtual tea with you as I found the mug you got for me from that Japanese Tea House in BC, along with the healing rune-which was quite appropriate since I am still trying to heal.
    The tea is solomons seal tea, and its korean in origin. I love the delicate yet savoury liquor of the tea.
    In also love your pin cushion- maybe its all in the pillowmaking- instead of sweing two rounds, maybe try a smaller circle forthe base and a larger circle for the top, making gathering stitches for the larger circle so they would fit together. Just a thought- likley a bad one ;)