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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Dress

Well, this is the green, Winnie the Pooh dress, finished :)

The pattern is so easy to do and turns out so cute. The dress has elastic to gather the fabric, then is sewn to the crocheted piece. Any bits of fabric can be made up using this idea! If the weather was cooler, you could add a long sleeved top and tights.

At first my gorgeous little Granddaughter didn't want her picture taken, so we got a picture of her back.

But then, she did!

Isn't that soooo like a two year old :)

I still don't have a picture of the red topped one, using the same fabric. It is longer--half way between knees and ankles and has a pretty crocheted flower on the bodice as well as a little red ruffle on the bottom.

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  1. What a precious girl in her sweet and lovely Winnie the Pooh dress = really darling Nancy!!!