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Saturday, July 25, 2009


When driving home, we go through a field and the other day my Husband got some photos of a beautiful buck that casually ate around the field that borders our subdivision. Although we are in city limits, we have fields on two sides as well as a river which brings a lot of deer. They wander through our yard every evening during winter.

We also have a bear that enjoys the wild berries too. One lady told me he was a resident of the area! This photo was taken last year and maybe we'll get another one when the berries and apples are ready :) There are houses to the left and right of him and lots of buildings on top of the hill.


  1. If you get this comment 2x - it's because my computer is acting up in the rain!!! that is a beautiful buck!! We don't get to see them in our field - only the does and babies. I think the bucks hide until after dark. The bears stay up in the woods - I'd really like to see one, but not sure about in my back yard!!

  2. That is some exciting wildlife you have so close by Nancy! Beautiful!
    We get bunnies, an occasional squirrel, skunks and lots of birdies.
    Not too far away neighbors have a view of deer and foxes. Nature sure is wonderful!

  3. Hi, Nancy,

    First, thanks for stopping by to visit and for your comments! I hope you come back.

    I am quite sure I'll come back here -- I love your tea posts and to see that buck and bear -- Wow. Cheers!