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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Runes and Flowers

I love to collect stones and even more, love to paint on them.  These were picked up along the  sides of the Quesnel river around Cottonwood house. 

This particular group have Runes painted on them with their coordinating flowers.  These are the 8 runes of Frey's Aett, named after a Norse God.  They can be used for divination, look lovely made into jewelry or if you choose.....you may cast a spell  :)

Lilly of the Valley is Feoh,  Nasturtium is Ur,  Honesty is Thorn,  Morning Glory is Ansur,  Snapdragon is Rad,  Gorse Flower is Ken,  Wormwood is Gyfu,  Larkspur is Wyn.  The Runes have corresponding stones and trees, but I decided on flowers for these ones.

   I find that collecting stones and painting are very relaxing.  

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  1. What a neat idea love how they look.. Take Care

  2. These are beautiful Nancy! How did you come to know so much about runes and such? Amazing little artifacts of history!

  3. Lovely pieces and very interesting about the runes :)

  4. Both the painted flowers and the runes are really cool! Runes would be very special if you collected the set yourself. Nice! :)