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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

No-Layer and Single-Layer Cards

Particularly at this time of year when we are mailing lots of cards and especially overseas, it can get pretty expensive because.....we all like to add embellishments and layers to fancy up our creations :)

So when I was asked to make 'flat' cards, I almost started hyperventillating  :)
It was a challenge, but I think these will pass as 'flat'!

These five have no layers except for the oval on the red ribbon and the circles on the two, vanilla coloured cards---they're not raised on pop dots.  

These five have one layer added, but are still reasonably flat  :)   What part of  'flat'  do I not understand, eh?  I used one glossy paper on the Angel card, the white ones are all SU! Whisper White, two SU! Very Vanilla and one in SU! blues (the heaviest one).

There you have it  :)  thanks for stopping by to have a look.  Your comments are always appreciated!


  1. Wonderful cards and yes flat for me has been a challenge this year.. But if you go to mail one of the others you go back and look again.. Take Care

  2. Your cards are stunning.
    I have trouble with single layered cards to. Yours are perfect.

  3. Your cards are great, Nancy. I mailed out simple Christmas postcards and added one of my crocheted snowflakes as a gift ... sure hope they are winging their way to the States. Around here, if they thought the envelope was over the weight limit, I don't think they would send them back to me. They would probably just throw them in a big pile somewhere along with all the other mail that hasn't gone to its rightful owners. :/ Have a super Saturday. Tammy

  4. I love the way you used embossed backgrounds to add texture without weight. I will try that with the few cards i still have to make for the US destinations.