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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tea on Tuesday and Two Projects

I made it for tea this week :) so here I am at my computer--rather rainy weather but, I can always find something to do inside. I'm always changing my desktop photo and this time, it's an older photo of the Grand kids :)

The first project to share is my Heart Journal page for April, you can find the instructions for all the pages to date right here. This one involves using Gesso and Baking Soda, along with acrylic paints, etc. I love the texture and the dimension. After mixing the gesso and baking soda, you heat with a heat gun and stamp into the large bubble it makes--check the link and scroll down for Aprils page. The stamps I used were a star, feather, words and dragonfly. I'm a bit behind but I'll get there :)

My other project is a 16" x 20" canvas. I took this photo yesterday, there's already more paint and the scrolls are more muted. I've cut up a gift bag with the Eiffel tower and some flowers for on it. I'll be sure to post a picture of the finished project...hopefully in a few days!

Thanks for coming to visit, check out the tea bloggers list on Kims' site.


  1. Looks very interesting will be watching for the finished product.. wet and dull here as well.. good for the plants Take Care

  2. I'm new to mixed media and that gesso and baking soda technique sounds fascinating and the texture is wonderful. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm your newest follower! :)

  3. How nice to have a spot of tea with you too Nancy!

    Your April heart is very rich and pretty!
    I have fallen completely behind in that great challenge...deary me!

    Happy T day to you ... sending some Virginia sunshine your way...it is nice and cool here with blue skies

  4. That is a big canvas to cover-looks great so far!

  5. Such a sweet desktop photo! cute little grandkids!
    and what cool projects Nancy! I love the texture of your gesso and baking soda technique - I have both ingredients - so I have no excuse not to try it!
    Thanks for stopping by today! enjoy your rainy Tuesday!

  6. two great projects on the go... I can't wait to see that canvas finished... it is going to be pretty special...xx

  7. I knew I was going to be late this week, but I got really, really behind when I clicked on the link to the gessoed heart. I got all caught up in the techniques and I may have to "borrow" the ideas this gal has. I love how you interpreted April. I can't wait to see May and June's too.

    Hope your tea Tuesday was perfect. It was so fun visiting.

  8. We had blue skies for a couple of days but now the dust has returned again. Bleh! Your heart is very pretty and I love the colors you are using on the canvas. Look forward to seeing it finished. Best wishes, Tammy

  9. Great projects, looking forward to seeing where your going with your canvas :)