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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tea Tuesday

Didn't really get any paper projects done this past week, but I did get my picture frame glued and ready for some photos :) or at least I think I going to add photos, I kind of like the look as is.

I used a piece of 12" x 12" cardstock, SU Sage Shadow, for the backing and swiped it with some Distress paint, Picket Fence as well as the SU Cool Caribbean ink pad.  

and another blanket done :)
Sitting here resting after yard work and sipping a lovely cup of double bergamot, earl grey, black tea--lovely aroma.  I'm going to slice up that orange in a minute and enjoy that too :)
Also picked a couple of flowers for the table outside.  Not much blooming, I love the darker lilac (lost the name), it has a very pleasant scent, not like the regular lilacs.  I filled the jar half full of rocks so it doesn't blow over :)
That's it for me on this lovely Tuesday :)
Join the others for tea, etc. you'll find the list over at Elizabeth's blog:
Have a great day and thanks for popping by :) 



  1. Lovely projects...and I love the fragrance of lilacs! quite a unique tea cup...enjoy your day! ♥

  2. Beautiful bouquet Nancy and your cuppa sounds just perfect to me...
    Earl Grey is my fav!
    Your picture frame is a really lovely still life as is...
    Happy T Day

    1. Thanks Patty, my friend thinks I should not add photos too :)

  3. For some reason the second I saw your big white cup I thought of Alice In Wonderland?? No clue why. Lovely flowers. We'd need a lot of rocks to hold things down up here, too. Happy T-Day! :)

    1. Rita that's true :) I'll think of that every time, lol
      Thanks for popping by :)

  4. hot tea & a lovely cup at a table with beautiful fresh flowers! perfection :)

  5. Your lovely mixed media frame had me looking closer at it. What a beauty. Speaking of beauty, the flowers are gorgeous. I bet they last a long time, too. thanks for sharing your tea and art with us this Tuesday. It was all so lovely to behold.

  6. I really like the frame. I am interested in the blanket too. Have seen similar things but yours has such nice print and colors. Tea outdoors is special I think.


  7. Love that frame!!! The driftwood and shells adding the dimension...awesome!
    Happy Tuesday!

  8. It looks like you've been having some nice days, with the outdoor tea, pretty flowers, and completed projects. Happy T Day!

  9. The frame is gorgeous. and I envy you with spring and summer coming. No sun here

  10. Beautiful frame, just stunning.

    My favorite flower is a Lilac, but they don't grow well here, due to the very hot summers we have. I sure miss the smell of them, and the beautiful drooping flowers.
    Thanks for sharing
    Happy T-day

  11. HI Nancy!! This is my first time playing along with T for Tuesday. That bouquet of flowers is lovely! I haven't lived anywhere in quite some time where lilacs grow. Lovely to see them. Hugs! deb

  12. Your frame is beautiful Nancy. Love how you have altered it. Loving your cup too.
    thank you for visiting yesterday.

  13. Love your fabulous frame Nancy! That background sure is spectacular. I love lilacs too ..the house is full right now. Wish they lasted all summer! Enjoy your tea.
    aka Mrs Noofy