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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tea on Tuesday and Chainsaw Carvings 2014, Chetwynd B.C.

Relaxing with tea, Double Cream Earl Grey and lunch, Shepard's pie :)

I was away for another trip and finally getting around to posting the photos for you to see--had to catch up on lots of yard and house chores :)   
We were one of the vendors at the annual Chainsaw Carving in Chetwynd, B.C.  My Daughter-in-Law is starting a new venture and for this event we set up a tent but in the near future she will have a mobile 'barn'.  She makes things and she takes other hand made items on consignment---currently from people in Quesnel and Chetwynd.

Delena and My Kinda Country---my ladder with goodies is in the back, there's horseshoe 'tulips' in the barrel in front.
Delena's gorgeous hobby horses, below. 

Furniture made by a lady in Chetwynd. Wine racks made by Delena and another lady from Chetwynd.  Mushrooms and bowls from a man in Quesnel.  Some of my things on the coffee table. 

One of my blankets in front and more on the rocking chair in back, handmade soaps, salves, lotions, and bug spray, picture frames, wooden bowls and that's a wee bit of me that you see :)     

And while we sat at our tent.....there were chainsaw carvings going on.

Hope you enjoyed your visit  :)  be sure to visit Elizabeth and the tea group here:  


  1. Delena'a booth looks beautiful and very inviting! Best of luck to her. Those chainsaw carvings are just amazing and probably more amazing to watch them being made! Happy Tea Day!

  2. I've heard of Shepard's pie, but never seen it before. Not even sure what it's made of. But the tea and apparatus is quite unique. Very nice.

    I hope Delena does well with her crafts. They look very interesting. I really like the tulips. That's clever.

    We have a man here in town who makes chainsaw art, and another one who starts with the chainsaw, then finishes with chisels and detail tools. It's interesting to see all these lovely works, because I know how time consuming it is to make them.

    Thanks for sharing the art and your tea with us during T this Tuesday.

  3. Wow, those carvings are amazing! My favorite is the giant clock.

    It looks like you had a great trip and surrounded yourself with creative people. Your daughter's tent is wonderful. The horseshoe tulips are my favorite item from the photos.

    Your lunch looks delicious. Happy T Day!

  4. Chainsaw carvings? Wow! I like the horseshoe tulips. I can picture one in my flowerbed. :)

  5. Hello and Happy T Day! Your tea and lunch sound so good right now. What a fun day and awesome crafts/carvings these are. Haven't seen any quite this size or designs before. Very Cool!!
    Thanks for sharing and have a great week.

  6. Lots of interesting things in the tent. I enjoyed the various chain saw photos. I've seen finished projects but never seen a carver in action.


  7. WOWEE what an extra special tea post Nancy!
    I enjoyed clicking on each photo.
    Your DIL is a cutie and what a fine array of items for sale....fun cowboy theme going on.
    Those horseshoe tulips and more!!!
    Those carvings are beyond my imagination...truly amazing and lucky you getting to see that in progress.
    Happy day after T