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Friday, April 24, 2009

Asian Wedding Card

I'm hoping eventually to have separate pages to show the different craft things that I do, but for now, you'll be seeing a mixture of 'stuff' right here on the main blog.

A dear young man that I had in my daycare many years ago has been living in Japan and found a beautiful young lady to love, honour and cherish. We have been invited to their wedding blessing that is taking place here in BC. So of course, I made my own card for this occasion. I used mostly Stampin Up paper, stamps, and ink. The good luck knot on the front is made from Mizuhiki cord by Yasutomo. I used glaze pens to give the flowers a 3-d look. The front 'Congratulations' tag is raised on pop-dots and so is the inside piece with the verse. The back has a couple of dragonflies and fans stamped with versamark. The card is 6" x 4 1/2" and I don't think it's easy to see, but the white inside piece is attached only on the left and right sides, lifting it from the middle--does that make sense :)