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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Recent Trip to Chetwynd and My Wind Chime

Picking up rocks along the beach of Moberly Lake in Chetwynd, B.C.
A person can walk for miles like this :)
Just listening to the waves and enjoying the solitude.

What I did with the rocks :)
Not exactly a 'chime', but it was my first time wrapping rocks. Maybe next time I will add something to actually make a nice little sound.......or maybe not. I kind of like it just like this.

The carvings from the chainsaw contest. Some are auctioned off and many are just donated to be placed all around the town. Beautiful, intricate work on them all.


  1. i love what you did with your rocks! it turned out great!!

  2. looks like such a fun excursion! the carvings are amazing!!!!
    ... and your silent windchime is wonderful :)

  3. such a magical place Nancy!
    Love what you've done with the pretty rocks ... definitely looks like a place to look down when you walk ... my kinda fun!