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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Holiday Tea on Tuesday

I'm not sure what moves a person towards any particular tea.  My choice today is a packet I found in the tea cupboard--two left from last Christmas  :)

So I had to use one of my favourite bowls for my fruit and cereal too!  I chose not to put them away after the holidays and every once in a while pull one out to use, just for fun.

It rained again overnight, everything is looking very green and the buds are really coming out on the trees and shrubs.  Little shoots are popping up in the flower bed--nice to see   :)

My humble tea cupboard  :)

Thanks for stopping by, be sure to look around and have a wonderful day   :) 

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  1. happy tea on tuesday! thanks for stopping by and yes packing usually involves wine!!

  2. I like your twiggy mug! At least your bowl is ceramic-- this morning I ate my cereal out of a plastic Winnie the Pooh bowl (it was the right size). ha! I like your tea cupboard. So neat and tidy.

  3. Love your mug! At least you are getting rain. We are so dry here that my green tea is about the greenest thing I see. I'm trying to keep my flower beds alive but then up goes the water bill. Sigh.....oh well, we do the best we can. Happy tea day.

  4. My pour plants are dried out and full of dust. Our weather has been awful of late. Even if we get a splash of rain, it's not enough to clean anything. Holiday Chai sounds delicious! Hope you are having a great day. Tammy

  5. Oops ... I mean "poor" plants. I was thinking I probably should pour some water on them. HA! :)

  6. I have a favorite Christmas tea "merry mint" and a Santa mug for all year long :)
    I think it takes the edge off of the Christmas rush to have a little bit of it all year long :)

    Happy Tuesday and happy green spring too! Kimmie

  7. Actually, I thought your tea cupboard was very well stocked. In fact, it's probably stocked far better than mine. Enjoyed seeing the Holiday Chai Tea. It sounds wonderful, and who really knows WHAT holiday it represents! Of course, the winter mug and bowl tell it all. Glad to read that spring is right around the corner for you, too. Happy Tea Tuesday.

  8. Love the mug! It looks like it has a square bottom. How very unique.

  9. We have had more than enough rain here in Tennessee and I am looking forward to a bunch of sunny days in a row. I will join the throng of people and say "I love your mug!" Really, I do.
    Happy T on T (Thursday starts with a T. I am really late to the party this time!)