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Thursday, May 19, 2011


I won't be around this coming Tuesday for tea, so I thought I'd leave a photo, just in case anyone drops by.  And right now, as I post this, I'm enjoying a cup of double bergamont, earl grey, black tea   :)

It took a rest over winter and now is covered in flowers and buds.

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  1. Nancy that is so beautiful!!! Tell me more! Do you keep it in a pot and bring it into the house every winter? Where does it go in the summer? I am so intrigued .... It is so pretty!

  2. Beautiful plant and I loved your family album

  3. Glad the mandevilla could come to tea, even if you are away!! LOL See you next week.

  4. That is a lovely plant with flowers, I've never seen that kind before. Does it have a lovely scent?
    Thank you for your kind words over at my blog! :-)
    Enjoy your tea, I love tea too!

  5. what a beauty... I am curious about it too, never heard of it before... happy T day!

  6. Poor Nancy! Blogger is not your friend today! I know you have posted things after this date - I hope someone is helping you with the bugs!!! I'm sure it will all get squared away. I'll check back in with you tomorrow to see what's going on ....

    Hugs, kimmie

  7. I also know this plant as Chilean Jasmine. What a VERY fine specimen...it takes my breath away!
    Totally impressive that you have that growing indoors too! You have a green thumb Nancy...in the closeup I see it is loaded with blossoms and buds = amazing!!!
    Happy June Dear One!