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Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Bit of This and That....

I'm not really stuck in the house, but it sure isn't pleasant going outside (I did brave the weather on Tuesday).  There's plenty I should be doing.....but crafting is so much more fun than ironing  :)

I thought I'd share some of the things I'm working on.  I can't possibly start only one thing either!  Hope you have your coffee or tea.....long post  :)

This is where I sit to colour in the beautiful light.  Don't let the sun shining in deceive you, it's still -34!  And where I like to knit....should have had this done ages ago, could be using it now  :)

I think I had better quit colouring (with Copics) and get these onto cards  :)

I saw a heart journal on Patty's sight,  http://bitze.wordpress.com/ and thought I'd do one......or this might end up being a hanger or maybe two cards....depends which way the spirit moves me  :)  
I've traced this heart shaped box and painted the chipboard with gesso, stamped and embossed with clear ep, coloured with distressed inks and then a layer of clear, matt gel into which I put strips of crinkled, white wrapping tissue---the colour shows through nicely. Then I started adding some do-dads and some Iridescent Bronze acrylic all around the edges plus I painted some on the top and the 'creases'.  It's not finished yet....I'll be finished in a few days and show you the results  :)    

And of course, while paint dries on one project, I always start another (or two).  My first tissue roll mini book.  I used paper towel roll for the cover pieces, covered them all with printed paper--this is from CTMH.  Made tags to go in the five 'pages', the cover pieces I stuck together--not using them with pockets.    A couple more days to finish this one off too....

And of course, I have to bake when it's cold outside  :)
This is a sweet sticky rice, thai dessert. I did it the easy way, adding coconut milk right to the rice (and next time, I will only add 1/2 to 3/4 of a can) then, when I dished it up (warm), I added some lovely mango. 
I am trying to lose a bit of weight, what part of that includes dessert, lol.
If you only have 1/2 cup of this, it's about 125 calories. I would use 1/2 or 3/4 of a can of coconut milk with 3 cups cooked rice---just enough to make it hold it's shape if you were to put it in a roll, then add mango--I used frozen mango this time, it has a wee bit of juice when thawed.  This was enough for 7, 1/2 cup servings.

Then I made some good, healthy bread!  I tell you, it's delish!  I mean, what bread isn't???   This is a   recipe I use quite often, but instead of nine grain cereal, I used Red River cereal--it is so nice and full of grains, love it!  
Don't know and don't want to know, what the calories are in this  :)  Just have one slice at a time with a lovely bowl of soup and you'll keep warm  :)

If you stayed with me through this long post....Thank you  :)  and please check back in a few days, I'll have my projects finished!!


  1. Oh my, you definitely are multi-talented. (Are you a Gemini by chance?) I can see that I need to set aside a few days and go back into child mode to learn how to cut and paste and color and play. Just lovely hearts!

    BTW, I think I mentioned BB King the other day when I meant to say Ben E. King! I can't stop listening to my two Playing for Change CD's, for which I thank you once again!

  2. There is always so much that SHOULD be done - but it's more fun to do what we want!!!LOL
    Patty is always a source of inspiration- love what you're working on - and the bread!!!!

  3. Wow love it all.. you sure do keep busy with all the crafty stuff.. wish i had more time to do stuff.. Take care

  4. Well now I'm hungry...your house seems a fun and yummy place to be and warm too with the oven on...-34 sounds VERY cold indeed...brrr

    Spring must be extra welcome for you all in contrast to THAT!

    How lovely to see your pretty hearts Nancy...I like the way you work too starting another great project...there is lots of inspiration over at the French girls Heart Journal Blog...I am looking forward to playing along each month...more hearts are better ;)

    Stay warm ... this post certainly is chuck full of wonderful things!

  5. I can't believe how cold it is where you are!!! yikes!!!
    I would stay indoors too .... and you are keeping yourself nice and busy! Your heart journal is going to be really cool - isn't Patty such an inspiration?!!

  6. You are one busy lady :)
    Your colouring is remarkable!
    Love all your projects :)

  7. What a fun and busy post. I can see you have been very, very busy with baking, knitting, coloring, paper crafts, and the hearts! WHEW. What a fun day you must have! Great tea, too.

  8. Hi Nancy, hope all is well over there. I certainly hope it has warmed up a bit. By the looks of it, you have more than enough to keep you busy. Best wishes, Tammy

  9. Are you kidding, YES, I stayed with your post to the end. You saved the best for last (aaahhhhh, bread- I can smell it now, fresh from the oven!) Love your chipboard hearts.