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Monday, January 9, 2012

New Cupboards

Just before Christmas I had some cupboards moved from above my computer area into my craft room, thinking it would help tidy up stuff. 

Who, in there right mind, does that during the month before Christmas  :)   well, apparently I do!  All the decorations, containers, wrapping stuff, went into that room, plus my Grandson was sleeping in there for a few nights.

I've been working on my 'accomplish' word this past week--every day  :)   This is how it looks now.  The cupboards aren't quite full--but close.  I put up the punch rack today--a bit droopy, may have to put a bracket in the center.  This room used to be a bedroom and this is where the closet was.

Going around the room, the counter has a little space for me to do stuff  :)


I can see the table again.....

and to the left of the table, on the wall, are some more of those stick on things, like my tree, from Stampin Up.

So, that's why no crafts this first week of the New Year.  The last wall I didn't show you because it is still a disaster  :)   maybe done in a couple of days.

Thanks for taking the time in your busy day to stop by  :)


  1. Great space. My word is order, so that's what I'm busy doing, getting things in order. Lots to do. Hohpe your winter is mild.

  2. Lovely always great to see how someone else's work space looks like.. Very neat and tidy.. Must work on mine some more.. Take Care

  3. So neat and tidy - and inspirational - maybe I should tidy up a bit (alot!) Stop by for tea, if you get a chance!!!

  4. that looks amazing!
    I would say you are off to an awesome start with accomplishing something!!!

  5. Wow, your room is awesome!!!
    Love the wall quotes.
    Looks so organized :)

  6. gorgeous space you have there Nancy!
    you must be so pleased that it's coming together so nicely...the quote and birdies on the wall is a fabulous touch as well!

  7. Oh so this is what you've been up to!! I love it!! Nice to have stations too.

  8. I'm envious of all your cabinetry. And your organization! My mantra has always been, "In order there is freedom," and I'd say you have the most freedom to create. BTW, love your background art!

  9. Missed you for tea today, but so glad I checked in on you. I see you have been very busy. I'm in LOVE with your new work space. It is awesome. I have such limited storage, especially the type that has cupboards, so I am in awe of yours.