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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mother's Day Gifts and Online Shopping Goodies

I just got back from a lovely week away :) spent time with my two Sons and their families. We had a great time out on the quads on Mother's Day--so darn much fun! We took hotdogs, drinks, snacks and drove for about an hour to get to the river spot. Some went on horseback. Wonderful day and I got some presents too :)

Gift from my Daughter. I love nail polish--two gorgeous colours and the Tims gift card--I've taken liking to the Iced Capps!

This one contains two bottles of Ke Ke--a delicious liquer that tastes like a creamsicle when you add orange pop! Plus a little Fairy post-it-note package.

This is a candy bouquet with cake pops, chocolate covered strawberries and a huge, heart shaped cookie that ways 'Mom'. I have to say that I sampled it immediately and everything was YUMMY :)

When I checked my mail, more Goodies!! These first things I ordered from Scrap Affair....I ordered the stamp set and look at the other items that came with it! Love gifties!

The next one is some gorgeous ribbon (prettier IRL), lovely buttons, a great sampler of twine--on cards with a ring to put them on...from 3 Girl Jam! Plus, my prize, a PBD stamp set :)

I feel so fortunate to have such great kids :) And....some days ya gotta love seeing that mail person :)

Hope you are all having a great weekend....Gorgeous day here, doors wide open, sun pouring in and a lovely little breeze....

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  1. How do you spell spoiled.. So glad for you.. Glad you had a great trip.. Looks like lovely gifts and stamps.. Take Care