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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Explosion Photo Box

Well, I'm not really accomplishing much today! Went to town early, had coffee with a friend, home for lunch and now enjoying my tea--a David's black tea, Red Velvet Cake. My hedgehog cup is so cute but quite thin and doesn't keep the tea really hot for long--maybe I should be making one of those lovely little cup cosies. I resisted the urge to get a sticky bun at the store and am now regretting it   :)
Saw this cute thing on the 'net' somewhere--they used it as a wedding favour I think.  I didn't see any measurements, just have to guess.  Cute, eh? 
I'm working on another one of those exploding photo boxes. A couple of years ago, I made so many of these and sold them all at the Christmas fairs! So I'm making a couple to try selling again :) the only trouble with black is that I have to work on it during the day, so I can see!
Hope you're all having a wonderful day!  Thanks for stopping by :)  check out the tea group at Elizabeth's blog.  


  1. Awww. Gorgeous Hedgie. You need to keep him nice and cosy!! Love your little tea diffuser too. Need one of those!
    Your box looks interesting. Please share it with us when you finish it!
    I think we are soul mates or both Gemini - lots of projects on the go!! Haa Haa!
    Hugs and Happy T Day!

  2. Red velvet cake--now there is a flavor of tea that I've never heard of before. I love your "tea gear"-- the cute infuser and the sweet hedgie cup. And the tea packet party favors are a great idea. Happy T Day!

  3. Happy T Day! I actually have some Red Velvet Cake Tea that I have not tried yet. Love the little hedgehog! I hope you show your exploding book here, too!

  4. I'm seeing hedgehogs a lot these days, your cup is one of the best. The tea packets are so interesting, maybe I'll fiddle with some paper and see if I can make one. The exploding photo box? Never heard of that but am very interested. As others said, would love to see a post about it.


  5. Such a pretty cup. My ugly thermal mug keeps beverages hot, but it sure isn't pretty--LOL! I've never heard of an exploding photo box. The little gift tea holder idea is so cute. Happy T-Day! :)

  6. oh what lovely folded paper projects! That is an adorable cup - but I know what you mean about some of them not keeping things hot for very long...
    happy T day!

  7. Nancy, I was so glad to see you joined in again this week. Your Hedgie cup is beautiful, and I love the tea infuser. All my mugs are so thick, I don't think I've ever had that problem. But I'm not one who needs scalding hot tea, either.

    That tea bag holder is SO clever, and I bet there will be several of us making a few in the next few weeks. I sure like it.

    My friend Kathy makes those photo exploding boxes. They are a lot of work, at least the way she makes them. She embellishes and layers them until there is barely room to close them.

    Thanks so much for joining T again this week.

  8. Like me, it looks like you love folded things. they are fascinating, aren't they. I would love to see how your box comes out.

  9. Hello and Happy T Day a little late. The tea is one of my daughter's favorite kind of cake, wonder if she'd like this. I always regret not getting the baked goods later too. Hope you will share this exploding box with us when done. Thanks for sharing and have a nice day!

  10. Fun mug today...err...yesterday. :) What a clever tea favor as well!

  11. Your tea cup is adorable, I love these hedgehogs, I used to have a planter pot with them on it.
    Cut idea to gift tea bags to a friend.

  12. I like the idea for the tea tag. Exploding boxes. Never heard of them. Are they sort of like the Christmas crackers popular in the UK? Thanks for stopping by. Have a peaceful Sunday. Tammy