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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Happy Tea Tuesday

Tuesday or any day is good for tea :) even so, I start my day off with a couple of cups of coffee!

I saw this gorgeous picture on Pinterest but the link didn't lead anywhere unfortunately.  But, I had to share it because it was just too beautiful!

This would have to be on display all the time, if it were mine :)
I just finished my 7th blanket this year and there were more before Christmas---fleece is so nice to work with!   As soon as you feel it, you just want to snuggle down into it!

This one is for my Grandson, River.  Check my Paper Crafting, face book page to see the other the other blankets and all the 'stuff' I've been up to  :) 
Happy tea day ! Check out some other tea drinkers here, at  Elizabeth's page


  1. I hate that when a photo on Pinterest leads no where...or worse yet...somewhere completely unrelated. That set certainly is gorgeous!
    Snuggly fleece blankets are the best!!
    Happy Tuesday

  2. That may be why I'm not on Pinterest. I'm sure that would lead to frustration. Of course, I love that tea set. It is stunning. What a genuine beauty.

    I'm sure your entire family is appreciative of the work you put into these lovely fleece creations. This one is lovely, too. Don't let River know, though, unless he can take that kind of compliment (grin).

    Thanks for sharing during T(ea) today. Much appreciated.

  3. That tea set is like nothing I have ever seen before...
    really exquisite Nancy...
    Lucky people on your Christmas list getting snugly beautiful gifts like that!
    Hope you are having a Happy T day

  4. That is a gorgeous tea set! So gorgeous I would be afraid to use it and would have it out as decoration.
    Wow! That's a lot of blankets. But with such a cold winter I bet they have gotten a lot of use! ;)
    Happy T-Day!

  5. That blanket looks so soft. Perfect for these cold, damp days. Happy T Day!

  6. that is a really ornate teapot-gorgeous! Your blankets are so beautiful -fleece and hand made with love-what more could one ask for? Happy T day!

  7. Happy T-Day!
    That is one gorgeous tea set.
    Wow 7 already? and it's only March! Your grandson is so lucky to get one of your fleece blanket.

  8. oh! how gorgeous! i'm wondering if a google image search could track down a source....

  9. Oooo! That blanket sure looks snuggly. I might need to borrow that as it is now chilly here. That coffee pot looks gorgeous.
    Happy T Day.

  10. What a pretty teapot, should be showed off all the time indeed!! Great job on the blanket, my favorite color! Will need one of these tomorrow when the cold temps come back again.
    Thanks for sharing and Happy T Day!

  11. That teapot is truly a classic beauty! your blanket does look quite cozy...I was hoping we wouldn't be needing blankets too much longer, but guess we will for the next few days anyway! you are generous with your talents...happy T day!

  12. A lovely blanket and the teapot is absolutely gorgeous!

  13. The blanket looks so soft and cozy. I bet everyone you made one for really loves theirs.


  14. Lucky Grandson! The blanket looks warm, cuddly, and made with love!
    Fantastic teapot!