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Friday, February 4, 2011

The Jar Thing...

Well, I didn't get fancy. 

 Here's my jar and a list of 10 projects that needed to be worked on. 
It was easier to dump them out and close my eyes to choose.

Some can be completed in less than one day and I could choose another that same day--if I was so inclined  :)

1. Prepare fabric and complete this project---this is fabric and pattern that I have had for 2 years.  I wanted sew a make-up bag for my good friend. Can be done in a day.

2. Make a, diet concious, menu plan and grocery list for the next week.  I belong to a tiny group of ladies who meet once a week to keep tabs on our weight and we bring along any craft we happen to be working on. Can be done whilst having my afternoon tea  :)

3. Do the tissue box cards.  That's those little cut-outs in my previous post. I'd say, looking at the pile, that it may take a couple of days to complete this one.

4. Determine projects for my three drawers and one Rubbermaid tub of fabric.  If I can't come up with a plan, then it has to be donated.  Determine projects for three drawers of yarn or donate it.  These two are together because I'm pretty darn sure I can complete this task in one day.  Some of the fabric has been around for 10 years!  I have some Buffalo yarn that my Mom had---she's been gone for 29 years!

5. Finish the tags I started before Christmas--thanks Tim Holtz!  This will take 2 days, for sure!

6. Spend one day to make cards (4?) for upcoming celebrations, etc.

7. Pick photos for the new frames I bought, decide on size and get printed.  I bought 4, different sized frames that will hold 1 to 6 photos. I'm going to trace the frames on paper, then plan a design for them all, on the diningroom wall.  This is going to take a couple of days, I think.

8. Get out my childhood album (which I started a couple of years ago) and get the pictures together with the paper.  I should be able to do 4, 2-page spreads each day--8 pages? I'm aiming to do this once a week until complete.......I want this done in a month, so number 8 won't go back into the jar.

9. Go through drawers and closet to determine what to keep and what to toss!  I know for a fact there are things that haven't been worn for a long time. That includes the laundry basket that has a few things that keep hiding under the newly added ones.  This is a 1 day job, easily.

10. Ok, there's only nine  :)   I doubled up on the fabric and yarn one.

Now, should I add jobs as I take one out.....
or stick with the original plan and empty the jar totally before adding?
Numbers 2 and 6 will be put back into the jar.

I am not permitted to take out a paper and exchange for another!
 If I don't like the job--tough tamales!
 I MUST choose ONE every day.  I love to multi-task and I know some of them take no time. 
I can even take a project ot a friends.  

This post is all about procrastination  :)  on which I'm an expert.

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  1. Catching up on your posts - love the roses, hope your pup is recovering nicely from her spay, and a jar full of must-do's sounds like something every procrastinator should have!! Mine would have to be a quart or gallon size jar......!!LOL