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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tea on Tuesday

Happy T Day  :)
 I'm enjoying a lovely bowl of mixed berries with my tea!

If you would like to join us or just see what others are doing for T day, hop on over to Kim's blog,

 I'm not really starting Christmas things already but.....  
.....these are two tags I started in December when Tim Holtz did the Twelve Days of Christmas 
(I had visions of making all twelve--yikes!).
I don't have the right size tags and I don't own all the goodies Tim puts on his stuff, 
but thanks to Diane at http://camelcaravans.blogspot.com/ 
I have some tags   :)

Second week of Project Jar and I've added 7 papers---a paper craft, crochet item, sewing item, hang a rod for punches, my album (again), tidying of wires behind the computer, and
sorting of papers and binders on a shelf unit in my craft room.
Some things require more space and time, but the whole idea IS to get them out and finished.
Long-term projects will keep going back into the jar until done.
I'm going to try to have 7 projects in the jar each Monday.


  1. Berries and tea sound very nice. The tags are pretty!

  2. berries are a great idea for any time at all!
    .... and I enjoy Christmas crafting when it is NOT Christmas time ..... it's much less hurried that way :)

    enjoy your day!

  3. Berry tasty (geddit? geddit?)
    I like those tags. With how fast time goes, maybe we Ought to start on Christmas stuff now...
    or maybe that only sounds like a good idea because it's after dinner and I've had wine, not tea...

  4. I have some xmas projects that need to be started now!!! I reallly like the tag with the clock - very cool!

  5. oo your tags are beautiful! happy t tuesday!