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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tea on Tuesday and Getting Results from Project Jar

Well, I have some results to show for the Jar thing  :) 

But, I'm taking a break with my Cranberry tea while visiting others for tea on Tuesday.   

This came from the two ends of my closet---and is going to the re-use center.  
I am down to one of these three-drawer containers at either end of my closet--
1 with yarn and 1 with fabric, plus.....1 tub of yarn and 1 tub of fabric. 

I am finished with the tissue box cards and currently NOT saving any more boxes.
  The two bigger ones on the right are birthday cards and the other are sympathy and thank you cards.

The Picture Wall. 
I have drawn out pieces of paper the size of my frames and stuck them on the wall. 
I did pick out some photos, but I need to get a few more of the older ones and then
get them all printed and into the frames.   

I had to go to town and get thread to do the make-up bag, but now I can get busy and sew it up.

There are three more slips of paper in the jar and
I have already printed up a list of things to do for the next set. 
It's a fun way to get jobs done---so far, so good  :)    

If you would like to see who's having Tea on Tuesday and join us, check out Kimmies site, http://artinredwagons.blogspot.com/


  1. I am sorry I stopped by so late tonight. I guess you have been very busy working and cleaning. I was envious of all that fabric going to the reuse center. I make books that have fabric covers and I don't have much fabric for them. I had to laugh at the fact you were getting rid of them, though. You would have more willpower than I have.

    And I LOVE what you have done with your tissue box cards. That's a great way to recycle. Hope you are still having a fabulous Tea Tuesday.

  2. Looks like you've been busy! Happy Tuesday Tea!

  3. Oh my..you have been one busy gal! Amazing you even had time for tea!!

  4. Good job, love to get things accomplished too. Happy tea, Christen