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Friday, April 15, 2011

Metal Flowers and Fabric Flowers

The fabric flowers are the ones I made last Tuesday.  I love making these things  :)

Then, here are some that I started about a year ago.  I put pins on the back so they could be worn.  

Then....I tried making metal ones  :)  Looooove these!  I found a tutorial an Artfully Yours (lovely blog),  here  http://yoursartfully.blogspot.com/2010/11/flower-powerday-1tattered-florals.html

Very easy to make.  The metal that I used is from Stampin Up!  It has a sticky back and next time I do them, I think I'll take off the paper backing and stick them to cardstock or printed paper (thinner) because as you work with them, the backing paper comes off. 

I used the Tim Holtz Tattered Florals die, then painted with black acrylic paint, swiped it off right away leaving an antique look and when dry, added alcohol inks---check out the site above for easy peasy directions and more flowers, or come back here in a few days, I'll probably have more made--addictive, lol. 

This is what it looks like after cutting out.  I used only my stylus, a pen top to make the centers and my little tool from Stampin Up! to score the large flower--being careful not to go through the metal!  
You can see the 'half' daisy that I practiced on  :)

I'd like to add that these are fairly soft so I wouldn't use them on a card or album, but they would be awesome on a canvas!  And having said that, I'm just thinking that if I back them with other paper, they may be strong enough for a card, hmmmm....

Thanks for stopping by, come again  :)


  1. I love the metal flowers Nancy! I love them all really .... But those metals flowers are really cool!

  2. WOW! I am so going to try this-I have aluminum tape on a roll-from the heating dept. at Lowe's-I am going to mount that on cardstock and try these! You are always an inspiration, girlfriend.

  3. Evil, evil Nancy!! I was supposed to get ready for a birthday party luncheon (I must go since I am supposed to be a Jedi Mistress to a bunch of bratty kiddies) and now I just want to try out the metallic flowers. It doesn't help that it is snowing like the blazes here , yet again!

  4. So many beautiful flowers , I really love the pink ones and the metal flower. Thank you for sweet comment in my blog.

  5. Those metal flowers are so neat!