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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Arch Book, My Dad's Side

This is the 'other' side of the Arch book, showing four more techniques.  I followed along with Roni over at Ink Stains blog--check my sidebar for the link. 

I have already changed a couple of things on my Mom's side of the book--nothing major.  Sometimes when you look at something for a bit, you realize this or that could be added or fixed up  :)   

On the page that says 'good times' I missed a step in the technique.  I realized, too late, that I had not used the waxed paper!  Oh well, I like the way it looks  :)  There is a little pull-out picture tucked in behind the other pictures.

On the rounded arch, we were to use a page of definitions, but not having that, I wrote some words.  I didn't add much more than the photos so as not to cover my words describing my Dad  :)  
If I were to do this page again (which I'm not), I would put a sunburst window at the top and put words in the angles.  


If you would like to see my Mom's side of this book, check this post:

Thanks for looking  :)


  1. Beautiful Nancy! I like all the different shapes of the pages ..... Really nice variety!

  2. Like those arch books, they look beautiful.
    Love the little tea books also :)
    Thanks for your visit and comment on my blog :)

  3. Such a brilliant creation to have in your family...really wonderful Nancy!
    The various arch shapes make for a really neat look too!
    You are creating some amazing keepsakes!