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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Last page of Arch Book for This Side

Ok, here is the last page I'm doing on my 'Mom's side' of this book.  The other side will be dedicated to my Dad.  On the first page of each side, I'm including a photo of my Grandparents.  I'm looking for smaller, bronze coloured rings as well--don't care for the silver colour on this.

This one uses the packing tape 'technique'.  As I've said before, you can catch all the info on doing these pages over at Ink Stains blog--check my sidebar.

On this page, I've used a small paper doilie, rub-on, acrylic word piece, one of my flowers, pearls, and once again, a piece of fabric and lace from my Mom's old slip.  Also, if you look close, you can see I took a piece of the strap off the same slip and tacked it onto the side of the photo.  Back in the days a lot of women wore slips, dresses and aprons, every day   :)

**Just an added note, I used clear tape over the back cover of Cloth Paper Scissors magazine--just love the collage look to it  :)   The paper behind has some flowers and the scroll down the right and then I stamped with script before adding my 'imaged' clear tape. 

Here is the first half of the book.

And, the second half.

If you would like to see these other pages close up, please scroll down to some of the previous posts.  Thanks for looking  :)


  1. Great way to showcase memories.

  2. These pages are simply amazing. I love the different height, style, and size of the pages. I'm really in love with these, and even more so after reading all the work that went into each page.

  3. Looks wonderful! It's a loving and artful tribute to your heritage!

  4. Such a lot of work and it really shows, it has become a stunning book with lots of lovely memories.