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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tea on Tuesday

Wow these Tuesdays roll around fast  :)

This is my tea today--one of my all time favourites  :)

Working on these cards the past weekend. 
I'll be spending the rest of my day finishing them up  :)

If you're hanging about, looking for some great blogs......check the Tea List at Kims,
artinredwagons....see the link on my sidebar  :)



  1. i love your wispy tea mug! i also love the smell of bergamot...mmmm

  2. i meant to type wispy tree!! wispy tree mug

  3. I bought some of that same tea when I visited Terlinqua, Tx. out in the Big Bend. I was surprised to find a tea shop out there. Your cup is so pretty. Happy tea day.

  4. I love how you're taking over the kitchen with your project! Lot's of room and just the right height :)

    Your tea mug is so pretty and your tea sounds yum!

    Cheers and happy Tuesday! Kimmie

  5. I love Earl Grey, never had the Stash double but now I am going to look for it! Happy Tea Day!

  6. ooo I can almost smell your tea...Mr Magpie surprised me with some tins of Harney & Sons Earl Grey Supreme...I enjoy just opening the lid and the tea tastes gorgeous as well...I take mine with a little milk and sugar.

    When it runs out I'll have to try your Stash double

    Happy card making and T Tuesday dear Nancy!

  7. Double Bergamot, Double!! holy cow, I bet that is really good! one of my favorite teas of all time. Very comforting.
    Great mug, btw.
    Happy T on T~

  8. I have some bergamot perfume and absolutely love it. I also love Bergamot tea as it's so smoky and the scent is wonderful...Thanks for the wonderful cup of tea :)

  9. I hope by now all those cards are finished, because I saw you had a book you were making that I must go admire. I hope you had a great day drinking bergamot. Double bergamot, even.