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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patricks Day!

I hope your day is special and bright!

Here's a great recipe for an Irish scone that is one of my favourites   :)

I made a wonderful mistake making these one day.  Not paying proper attention and being in a hurry, I added the marmalade to the recipe.  They turned out so good, I do it all the time now!  

The recipe is in a little Best Recipes--Irish Fun Food and Crafts. You know, one of those things at the grocery check-out that catches your eye  :)



  1. I love scones! awesome recipe idea!

  2. I think this proves that there are no mistakes ;)
    looks scrumptious Nancy!

  3. That looks like a good recipe. I made a soda bread with currants and orange peel. The recipe called for caraway seeds instead of the orange peel, but orange just sounded better. Your scones with orange marmalade look delicious!!