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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday Tea Time and Kaisercraft Calendar

Ok, just so you know, I haven't been just sitting around  :)  these are a couple of things I've been playing with.  If you look at the picture of my desk, I'm drinking water today.  Had a nice lunch out--Chinese, so very thirsty this afternoon.

Beyond the page, this Kaisercraft calendar caught my eye at a store near me and I had to have it!

 So I have put walnut ink stain around the edges and on the box part.

I brought some things out to work on at my desk  :)

But, I still have some of the mess on my table in the craft room.  And if you look to the right, I have started two more mini albums.

I wanted to do both sides of the board so you can change it up.

When I'm finished, I'll post a couple more pics---by next week for sure  :)

Want to know what other tea drinkers are doing on this Tea Tuesday?
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  1. Well, you will have to put the kettle on, because I don't really 'do' water - and nothing beats a good cup of tea! Love what you are playing with on the desk and will have to pop back and see the finished project. Where do you get Kaiserkrafts stuff here in Canada? I am looking for their advent claendar - and yes, it will take me that long to make it!! ;)

  2. What a cool calendar! I love what you are doing with it! Water is good :) ..... Especially after chinese food!

  3. That's soo cool. Happy T to you too..looking forward to see the finished product....

  4. really fun to see your creative process Nancy...very cool calendar!
    thank you for your kind words and visits

  5. Happy T Day to you, Nancy! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your site is so pretty! I look forward to visiting again!