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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Two Crochet Projects

 Two more winter projects done....now that Spring is around the corner   :)  

The shoulder wrap covers the top of my shoulders and goes down to my elbows. 
It's quite bulky yarn and very soft and cuddly.
I have a big basket in the living room for cozy wraps,  throws, and extra slippers.

The wrist warmers are going into next winters gift box   :)

My soothing tea today  :)

This is Emma.  
She heads for the bathroom when the alarm goes off, to get her fresh drink every morning   :)
That's me in my housecoat and camera.

Join other tea drinkers today at Kimmies  http://artinredwagons.blogspot.com/


  1. A wwwwwwwww ...... I had a kitty like that!! He would wait for me to turn on the water for him :) ..... Tooooo cute!!!

    Happy Tuesday Nancy! How nice to be planning to pack away the winter things though isn't it?? Your knitted things look very cozy!

    Cheers! kimmie

  2. Happy T day...cute kitty kat...that's a sink full :)

    Lovely knitting and your tea and tea cup are wonderful too!

  3. oh my god, that is
    is that cat Seriously in the sink? I love the cat, starting Now.
    Also, forget next winter's gift box. You send those bad boys to me because I am

  4. Wrist warmers!! So cool. I'd love the pattern if your willing to share it..
    I also really love that mug! Hope you had a wonderful Tuesday!

  5. Well I have never had that tea before but it sounds so yummy!!! I love that Emma hops in the sink for a drink. One of mine, Thumper, follows me to the kitchen and I fill up a glass of water for her. The others are content to drink from the water bowl.
    Happy T on T!!

  6. I love your photo of your kitty. One of my "girls" loves the bathtub water and will sit there for hours. I think it's their wild ancestors coming alive in them again. I would love to learn to knit, just not very talented that way. Soothing tea, perfect for a winters day. thanks for stopping by my blog for some tea :)

    The Year of the Cats

  7. My first time popping by for tea - love that picture of your cat - she looks gorgeous

  8. Beautiful crochet work...your mug reminds me of the dead of winter. There is something very intriguing about bare trees.

    Your ginger tea sounds yummy...so soothing. That's the perfect name for it.