"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born." Anais Nin

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tea on Tuesday

Well, it's good old Earl Grey along with some fried bread.  I was making some Parkerhouse rolls and just had to do it!  I love it fried, add butter and jam, yum!

The pot on the stove contains some beef barley soup and you just have to have buns to go with soup  :)

I'm keeping with the Smash book, hope no one minds that I took the words from EK, they are so perfect and afterall, it's just for me.  This book is for my everyday journal type thing.     

The little watering-can-turned-teapot (I just trimmed it up) is for todays entry  :)   

Inside back cover started.  I am glueing two pages together, throughout, just to tuck away little lists or private thoughts.   On the blog at EK, one person had made a list of things to help with journaling, you can find the EK address in my previous post.  

I finished a canvas tag yesterday.  The colour is washed out in the photo, but really it's quite pretty  :)   I  saw the canvas tag book and thought, I can make those.  So I went and bought a metre of canvas--next time I'll just go get the tag book, lol.  I put a piece of cardstock in between the layers just to give it some stability.  The tag is spritzed with Glimmer Mist and I added some do-dads, fibre, a piece of mica, a clip, etc. The leaf thing is off an old purse, it's pinned on with a TH clasp.  The pictures are from a box that my coasters came in and the word Journey is a CM sticker. 

**just a note to let you know (if you look close),
 that I turned the one little pic the right way up  :)  the one by the clip

Thank you for coming, I hope you enjoyed your tea time here :)

If you are new, grab another cup and join the rest of the group at Kimmies http://artinredwagons.blogspot.com/


  1. Oh my lovely Beef Barley one of my fav's and buns oh my Nancy lovely. Oh of coarse love the idea of the smash book been thinking on that one as well. Take Care and have a great day.

  2. Smash books remind of me of the old glue books in a way...fun

    Your Earl Grey (way too hot here for hot tea) is tempting me and fried bread sounds pretty yummy too!

    Love seeing your creativity dear Nancy!
    Happy T to you!

  3. wonderful smash book and happy t day to you!!

  4. The shot of your rolls on the stove is so homey looking, makes you feel warm inside. Wish I could eat one!

  5. yummy! those rolls, drool.....and your horse page is divine!!! happy t tues!!

  6. Wow! It must not be scorching hot where you are, Nancy because soup sounds wonderful, but NOT in this heat. And I love fried bread, too. Of course, that will be more enjoyable when the weather is under 110 F.

    A bunch of my British friends are into the smash books. I like to make them, but don't like to journal. I'm not a journaler. Glad you are enjoying yours, though.

  7. You could run a bakery if you can turn out beautiful rolls like those! That is no easy feat!! Your smash book is just so cool! I love that you can be so free with it :) .... And your tag is just beautiful Nancy! So much detail! Wonderful job!

    Happy Tuesday (on Wednesday!), kimmie

  8. love seeing the WIPs and a beautiful piece of art work at the end...your bread looks delish!!!! Happy week to you!

  9. Wow those buns look YUMMMMMY! I love that there is so much to look at on your tages. Those little clips are such cute additions!! Hope you have a great weekend!! Hugs!

  10. I should not have clicked on this post...I love barley soup, and your buns look soooo good.
    Love your smash book :)