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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Happy Saturday Everyone :) 
I've stayed in till just now and thought I'd better go clean up the wee bit of snow/frost from my porch.  Cleaned off the car too.  Still -17 out there, so I can say I got some fresh air  :) 

I did a double batch of shortbread today and some sewing.....well, not sure you can call it sewing when you just pin, trim, clip and tie two pieces of fleece together.  But it's close!

This plaid one, 60" wide by 2m long, is pinned and ready to tie.  The plain side is actually black.
See that sunshine--gorgeous day!

The kitten one is a single piece, all ready to get wrapped. It's 60" by 60".

That's my day  :) 
Thanks for stopping by!   

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  1. Lovely looking.. good day to stay inside.. I did house work and got Christmas unpacked.. next is cards so far behind.. Take care Love the blankets..