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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year!

Oh my goodness, the New Year was nice for three days and then came the snow! Would you believe it melted during the week after Christmas and we had green grass up until Monday January 3rd.
Now, I know it is not good in this country to have NO snow because it can get pretty cold. However, this is getting ridiculous :) I have been out shovelling---three times yesterday and once, so far today! And I really want to get to my craft room!

I had a wonderful Christmas with family. Hope you all did too! Thanks to everyone who sent lovely cards, I love seeing all the creativeness. As you can see, I've made a card 'tree' on the wall with some of your cards.
My decorations are coming down, a little early for me but I've got the tidy bug and have to take advantage.

The craft room......that's another matter :) after working on a couple of things and doing all my wrapping in there......it's a mess. I have four Christmas boxes to take out to the shed, but that won't happen today--the snow thing! However, I'm going to wade in there this afternoon and see what I can do.
No Resolutions for me, but before Christmas I was working on finishing a few things and seemed to do just fine, so I'm going to continue on that trend this month. I have a box or maybe two :) of 'started' paper projects. Those are top priority on my to-do list, then on to the fabric and yarn!

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  1. What a beautiful tree! That's a lovely spot for it.