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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tea and Poppy Seed Puff Pastry

First time for making this pastry and it is absolutely delicious!  Goes very nicely with my Earl Grey tea  :)

The poppy seed mix is from a can, called Krakus, product of Poland. Ingredients are: poppy seeds, sugar, honey, candied orange peel and golden raisons.  The puff pastry is Tenderflake.  Couldn't be easier to put together!  Brush with a beaten egg---holds it together and bakes it to a beautiful golden brown. 

The paper craft pile is smaller, but just spread out.   
Someone gave me the wooden key holder, so I've painted it white, modge podged and added paper--still needs more done to it. 
Paper projects are laid out and ready to sponge, stamp and generally add stuff to make look pretty  :) 

That's what's in store for this week as far as projects go.  Wrapped up in the white bag is the acrylic album but, the other projects have to get done first!

If you would like to see what other tea drinkers are up to, check out Kimmies site, http://artinredwagons.blogspot.com/ 


  1. Hi Nancy! Your pastry looks delicious! And your projects look so inviting! The key holder is a neat little thing too!

  2. ooo Nancy I Love poppyseed and your pastry is gorgeous and with one of my fav cups of tea too!

    Your work table looks like a really happy place!

    Happy T to you!

  3. welcome to the Tea Party Nice to meet you and great blog!!

  4. Hi Nancy (again)! I've added you back on the Tea on Tuesday Bloglist cuz it looks like you're back in the pot so to speak ....

  5. Swell post-you have the neatest work space-you've seen mine...

  6. Thanks for the lovely comments and Susie, that's just for the camera, lol
    Thanks Kim, I'm going to try and keep up!