"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born." Anais Nin

Friday, January 28, 2011

Sad Sack

Poor little thing, I'm sure she feels as though she is being punished.  She just got spayed and isn't too happy about anything.  I have to pack her up and down the steps to go outside.  The cone isn't on all day, I take it off a lot.  But she has to wear it all night and when I'm too busy to watch her.  

 Something I found in my junk drawer.  It needed new strings  :)   well, I just whipped out my waxy flax and fixed it right up.  It's now back outside, over my little deck garden, sounding quite pretty in the breeze.  It says:
 'Sun Shine fades, Stars appear, Garden Angels gather here'. 
Isn't that lovely?   I can't wait till the snow is gone to see my yard  :) 

A friend picked up a recipe for a Mango salad and knew that I'd be interested.  The ingredients are: avocado, mango or orange (I used mango), green onion, red pepper, toasted sesame seeds ( I used almonds) placed on a nice bed of lettuce mix. The dressing is: lime juice, maple syrup, olive oil, ground cumin (I used nutmeg), and soy sauce. I also threw in some craisons.

I teamed it up with a nice slice of this egg dish that Sue, from http://abittatteredart.blogspot.com/, calls  Dutch Baby. 
It's usually topped with lemon juice and icing sugar, but today,
I thought it should have a little maple syrup on it too  :)  

It was beautiful and puffed up, but I may have taken it out of the oven too fast  :)
It's like a cross between a soufle and a yorkshire pudding.  That said, next time I'm going to try my extra large muffin pan, for individual servings.  


  1. Gorgeous! We will be having Dutch Babies for supper tonight!

  2. looks yummy! and poor baby, will get over it!!

  3. Mmmmm the dutch baby looks scrumptious!