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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fourth Batch of Photos from Scotland

Hope you're enjoying my photos.  Most of them were 'point and shoot' from the bus window.  I think my favourites are of the country side, I never got tired of seeing the beautiful rolling hills of heather, the moors and mountains.  If you like hiking, Scotland is the place to go  :)

The Isle of Skye was lovely, we had a special guide, in a kilt, full of fun.  Then on to Mull and Iona.   


Kilt Rock, I could barely stand here to take these next two pics!  

Had to hit this place up, but only once  :)

Tea and scone break--one of many  :)

I'm not sure how we got over this bridge--the driver wiggled the bus a few times to get a straight-on approach.

Our trip over to Iona.

The ferry coming back to get us.

Leaving Mull, we had to take another wee ferry and again the bus had to be wiggled and lifted and the ferry attendant had to get a thick board to put under the front wheel to accomodate the turn.  As you can see, it was a sideways approach to get on the little thing!

Throuch the country side--again, you can see we had gorgeous weather!

Loch Lomond ferry

We took a tour and the Loch was like glass  :)

Back on the bus.


  1. Wow I love the pics of the reflections in the water so beautiful! You guys really lucked out with the weather :) Quite the waterfall and yes I am surprised you managed to get that pic! Now what is this about a kilt full of fun?! Oh my!

  2. Not sure where you read that, but I actually spied a few gentlemen in kilts and even tho Scotland is a fair bit breezy.....I wasn't fortunate enough to see what they wear under those kilts :)

  3. Wow, I know you really enjoyed this. Always loved the kilts. Looks cold and wet, but beautiful because of the rain. Oh rain, how I wish we could get some.

  4. ah that is what is missing from my tea today...a scone ;)

    your reflections in the Loch are fab!

    the photo after the one with the ferry coming to get you looks like it is on the verge of a rainbow!

    amazing the tight spots they get those buses in and out of...we got so close to a truck in Italy on a Trafalghar bus...all we could do was hold our breath

    your photos are charming coming and going!

    Thanks so much for sharing some with us!