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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Third Post with Photos from Scotland

John O' Groats, claim to the furthest northern tip of Scotland. 

The Standing Stones of Brodgar, the whole circle.

Part of the Circle, very impressive when you are actually standing there. 

Skara Brae, the neolithic village.  I found this so interesting! 

On the road again....... 

This was a beautiful spot to stop and it is also where I actually dug up a rock to bring home  :)  it started out a small rock on the side amongst the heather, but ended up to be about three inches long---I had muddy hands by the time I dug it out---but I have it!

The next day wasn't quite as lovely, and THE bridge didn't look inviting  :)

Bridge to Skye

This is an original crofters house and again, I've forgotten the date. 
There was space for the animals at one end, for when the weather got nasty. 
We weren't allowed to take photos of the inside. 
Can you image living in these buildings! 

This is a place on the road that looks like it is down-hill, but actually is up-hill.  The driver stopped the bus and let it roll backwards to prove it  :)

Thanks for looking, more tomorrow...


  1. Gorgeous stone circle wow great pics!

  2. You are like me, picking up rocks. LOL What a wonderful tour.

  3. Rocks are the best keepsake.
    I love the ancientness of the place .... Just amazing isn't it?

  4. Tis a lovely countryside for certain!

    I was drooling over the rocks they used in the first photos for house and furniture...you are a girl after my own heart bringing home a rock (or two)...seems the one you rescued was really calling you!

    What a magical place!

  5. Wow! All of your photos are so beautiful. I truly love Scottland and all of its history. That must have been an amaizing trip. And the stone circle... I just can't wait until I get a chance to go there my self, though I'm not sure that I'll be able to make myself leave once I'm there.