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Monday, September 26, 2011

Pictures of Scotland

Well, a few anyway  :)  I think I took a kazillion photos!  The first two weeks of the trip was a bus tour so you may see a few reflections because we were zooming along on the bus!

Scotland was wonderful!  There are old (the whole place is old) stone buildings and fences everywhere.  A lot in ruins, a lot of repair going on--very nice to see they are doing their best to keep these old, old places up the best they can.

It's a toss up whether there are more sheep than churches in Scotland.  I can only imagine the work that went into gathering stones to build all the millions of feet of 'fencing' and the buildings!

I loved the highlands, but the west coast was my favourite I think.  I'm going to post a few photos here of the beginning of the trip.  I will be sorting through the lot and be posting more.

We started in Edinburgh. 

Arriving in Edinburgh, awesome, but long flight!

Walking around before the tour started.

We could see Edinburgh Castle from our hotel window  :)

The Rosslyn Chapel

Toured Glamis Castle and sat outside for lunch. 

I will be back to post some more pics later today. 


  1. what wonderful pictures.. Can't wait to see more.. Take Care

  2. Oooh, you went to Rosslyn Chapel..
    The weather looked marvelous for you.

    Diane (can't saeem to sign in to Google/Blogger)

  3. wonderful photos, you must have had a great trip!

  4. Oh wow Mom those are gorgeous!! Every photo I was saying to myself 'are you serious' they are beautiful pics!

  5. It's like stepping back in time. Love the old'ness of it all.

  6. I would love to go there some day!

  7. Scotland is a place I've always wanted to visit...only gotten as close as Ireland so far!

    Oh WOW you've captured the ancientness of it all beautifully dear Nancy!