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Monday, September 26, 2011

More Photos of Scotland

Here's the second bunch of pictures  :)   Our tour with Trafalgar was called Highlands, Islands and Cities.  We were really lucky with the weather, but the day we got to sit at the front of the bus---the place you think would be great for seeing everything---it poured rain! 

What would Scotland be without the Thistle  :)

Our tour bus was Huge.  We travelled on some pretty narrow, twisty, roads, a couple of narrow little bridges and even a very narrow hair-pin corner, but our amazing driver got us through!

This and the next two photos go together  :)

I held the camera up to the hole in this standing stone. 

For our special dinner one night, we were 'piped in'. 

The story of the Haggis--very entertaining  :) 

Haggis and very good it was  :)  I actually had it four times, but this one was the best.

This is the wall beside the entry to Culloden.  See how the stones are protruding?  The first ones show the number of British soldiers who died there, then there is a space and the rest of the wall shows the number of Scottish soldiers that died on the field.  Very sad indeed. Very moving place to be.

Monument on Culloden Battlefield.

The Battlefield

Moving on to the distillery, a tour and a lovely sample to drink  :)  I must say it was a smooth, warming and welcoming drink on this damp day!  And yes, I did buy some  :)

The famous Highland Cows, these ones lived by the distillery---I should think they would all be very happy by the fumes surrounding the place, but this fellow showed a bit of aggresion, so we didn't push the photo thing too far!

Loch Ness, still a little rainy and chilly so I did not go dip my toes  :)

Are you tired of seeing Castles yet  :)

I'll post some more tomorrow---John O' Groats, Neolithic village, and Standing Stones of Brodgar. 


  1. No won't get tired of looking at Castles may get a little jealous that I can't go see them.. Lovely pictures looking forward to the next batch.. Take Care

  2. Oooh love the thistle picture so pretty! I love how we get to see through the hole in the standing stone! And there is no such thing as too many castles :)

  3. Love the peep hole photo. Love all of them.

  4. What a cool standing stone with a hole in it! Great pictures! I understand why whiskey is maybe a good idea in that sort of weather ... I've never tried it, but it sounds good on a dreary rainy day :)

  5. Love the castles and the Highland Cow does look like he has attitude LOL

    I just realized I could click a closer look at your photos...enjoying that very much!

    Hearing bagpipes play always undoes me (for lack of a better description)

    Your T bus looks new!

    The photo through the standing hole is brilliant!

    I am sipping tea...but you've made me thirsty for something stronger ;)