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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Last of the Photos from Scotland

This is it, the last of them  :)  I have so many!  I'm hoping to scrapbook most of them--good project for the winter.

The home of Robert Burns.

Visiting Culzean Castle and grounds, this was absolutely gorgeous.

On the bus again  :)

The tour ended in Glasgow, but we went on to spend a few days in Dundee.

Over to Tayport to the very Old Kirk to take pictures of a few of the gravestones. 

Our B & B, wonderful people, lovely room and great breakfasts. 

That's it for this trip.
Thanks for joining me on the tour  :)  hope you enjoyed the photos.


  1. Wonderful pictures.. Thanks for sharing.. Take Care

  2. The Robert Burns pics are so romantic and the scenery looks beautiful as well as the Culzean Castle tour pics. Nice to see a pic of you in there! Cute little Tickety-Boo's too! All very lovely pics what an incredible trip!

  3. My heart did a little pitter patter when I saw that you shared some photos of Scotland. My dad was born and grew up there.
    I so want to travel there, I have even had dreams of being there.
    One day.

  4. I've been to England, Wales and Ireland, but not to Scotland yet. Thanks for the photos. Lovely, all of them.

  5. I see blue sky :)
    It looks like it was an amazing trip!

  6. You look like a happy camper. I {heart} B&B's! Great idea to extend your trip a few days while you're there.

    I can only imagine the task it was picking some photos to post...with digital cameras it's easy to snap A LOT!

    Love this peek into your unforgettable trip...as you can tell I think ;)