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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tea Tuesday

I can't believe how quickly these Tuesdays roll around  :)

I'm working on a card :)  I even got up in the middle of the night because I HAD to write down an idea. 

Not sure how I think with the clutter but I think it helps with ideas...
My tea is David's, 'Oh Canada'.    

It's a rooibos tea, with maple syrup and sprinkled with delicious maple leaf candies.

I had to have a bite---a little hot cross bun with my butter, lol.  

Thanks for stopping by!
Hope you're all having/had a great Tuesday/
Check Elizabeth's blog, http://alteredbooklover.blogspot.ca/2014/03/t-stands-for-sodapop-tuesday.html, for more tea drinkers :) 


  1. that's a really nice mug and that tea sounds really interesting. It 's really hard to have a cuppa without a little something to nibble on isn't it? :) Happy T day!

  2. Nothing like a cup of tea and a hot cross bun while you are "thinking". Hope to see the card in the future.


  3. How cute those little snacks are and yummy tea with it. I have nights of restless sleep because of too many crafty ideas on my mind but I don't want to get out of my warm bed to do them. Most mornings I still remember them and write them down then.
    I read your post below and love the album you made. The post before it with the tea bag holder is soooo pretty and cute and clever. What a great way to send a tea gift to someone this way.
    Hope you had a great day!

  4. OOOH! I Love rooibos tea! It is just heavenly
    And messy table-just like mine! :)

  5. Love you sweet cup with a lid...and the roll looks delicious! wishing I had a closer view of your workspace and what you are making...so great that you got out of bed to write down an idea! A true artist! have a great day...

  6. Oh looks like a lovely day.. bun has made my mouth water.. guess I will be going at lunch time to pick some up.. have a great week.. take care

  7. I apologize for being so late getting here. It gave me time to see your book you made in the post below, though. It is gorgeous.

    What a marvelous blend you have chosen for your tea this week. I love the Oh Canada concept right down to the maple leaf candies. What a marvelous find. And of course, I am very hungry after seeing that butter (and hot cross bun, too). Thanks for joining T and sharing this awesome tea blend.

    1. thanks for coming to visit :) the tea was very soothing.

  8. Your tea in that nice covered mug sounds very nice and that bun looks delicious too!
    When ideas come it's good to follow up on them...I have had middle of the night ideas that I could not remember the next morning :(
    Looks like you had a great T day

    1. Thanks Patty, for stopping by :) I've been tidying up my craft room this week--it's been fun actually!

  9. Your snack looks so good :)
    I need to write down my thoughts in the middle of the night or else I forget them :(
    As for your question about those containers I posted about yesterday. Yes you can fit paper underneath the inserts or on top, as there is room :)

    1. Thanks Tracy :) I may have to get a couple of those!