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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fimo Tiles and Mini Pocket Books

I finished making some of the little tiles from fimo clay.  Thought I'd do about two dozen, but as it turns out, 6 got finished  :)    I think I'll do another half dozen in a Christmas/Winter theme.

These ones, as you can see did not come out the same exact size, but it doesn't really matter.  I filed around the edges, painted them with a dauber in Snow Cap, cut paper for some, used a sticker for a couple and put crystal effects (SU) on two of them, then rubbed some distress paint around the edges.  As you can see, I put one in my little book.

Two more little pocket books.  If you look on the Zutter site, they give a tutorial for these--they are called Tea Books, you can fit a tea bag into the pocket. 
However, these are so easy to make, you just choose a size for your pages, fold the paper up, make tags to fit, make covers and bind--with anything, really.    

Here's a glimse of the inside pages.  The tags are cut from matching paper and have beige lined cardstock (from CM), for journeling.  I've pretty much inked up all the edges of everything and added coordinating ribbons and lace   :) 

There you have it, for this lovely sunny Thursday!

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  1. Love those tiles Nancy.. pocket books are sweet as well.. Will have to get some instruction from you on doing the tiles.. Take Care

  2. The fimo tiles are super cute !! I can see them adding a special touch to pages or other projects.

  3. Your tiles are so pretty.
    Your mini albums stunning. I need to check out that tutorial ;)
    Heavy frost here as well, thankfully no snow yet ;)

  4. I love your little tiles and the tea books are adorable... what a fun gift idea!

  5. Great stuff Nancy ... I love your fimo tiles ... What a great idea!