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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Post it Note Easel Cards with wings and things

I am still in love with Once Upon A Springtime papers!  That one paper pad is never ending  :)

All the cardstock on these cards is Stampin Up--I like the sturdiness of it.

The mushrooms, butterflies and dragonfly on the fairy cards are made by me, using wire, paper and crystal effects by SU.  Fiddly little things, but I love them.

This is all you need to make them, plus a little patience  :)

I've coloured the pearls and this beautiful horse image with copics--thanks to Janet for letting me use her stamp  :)

Thanks for coming by and leaving such nice comments---I apparently thrive on them, lol.


  1. Love these, especially the horse!

  2. Oh Nancy..these are fabulous. I never would have thought to use a post-it and your embellishments on the cards...love them all!
    Mrs Noofy

  3. Good Morning... Might be my stamp but I don't think I can make it look like that.. WOW and I love that fairy paper have the same pack but haven't used it much.. Love the idea of the post it notes think I am going to have to try some soon.. Take Care

  4. Lovely, work, Nancy! I especially love the wire dragonfly and butterfly. And the horse is well coloured and I love the boot and suede too on the post it note holder.

  5. All so beautiful Mom!!