"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born." Anais Nin

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tea on Tuesday

Actually it's coffee this morning and cinnamon buns made yesterday.  What a sweet breakfast....I should fairly bounce around the house and get lots done on this morning  :)

I've been taking it easy this past week, but will have more projects to share near the end of the week or maybe on the weekend.  I think I'm done with the craft fairs now and can get on with Christmas decorations and baking and making/buying  :)

Fresh from the oven...yesterday!  The little ones are called Monkey bread, I got the recipe off the Epicure site when looking up Poudre Douce.  A lovely spice to be used as you would use cinnamon--even though the recipe calls for cinnamon as well.  You roll little balls of dough in melted butter and again in Poudre Douce, cinnamon and brown sugar mix, layer in a bundt pan--I did 3 layers. Wished I'd put raisons in them too  :) 

And....here's the yummy, buttery bun... 

...and here's my sweet breakfast. 
These little oranges may be cute and sweet, but the dickens to peel.  Probably the best-for-me thing in this breakfast  :)   

Join the group and see what's up in our worlds today, start at Kimmies place for a list of the tea drinkers  http://artinredwagons.blogspot.com/

I've added a couple of new sites to my side bar....challenges, for those who do any  :)


  1. Wish I could join you for that yummy breakfast.. Looks so good.. take Care

  2. Oh I haven't made monkey bread since the kids were home. I used to bake all the time. Looks so good. Happy tea day.

  3. ooo Nancy
    I can almost smell those gorgeous baked goodies from here in rainy Virginia :)

    Looks and sounds wonderful
    now you have me curious about Poudre Douce
    off to Google it

    Happy T day to you!

  4. Hi Nancy, I've already had breakfast (and lunch) but your post makes we want to start all over again!!! Yummy! Glad to hear you are thawing out for now - it is just wet wet wet here - good weather for ducks :)

    Happy Tuesday!

  5. Mmm-mmm -- haven't made monkey bread in a long time. Wishing you a great holiday weekend. Best wishes, Tammy

  6. this looks so yummy.
    I have been meaning to make this monkey bread for a few years now, but have yet to try it.